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Restaurant - pizzeria - take away


The entrees


Green salad: €4.50


Cévennes Tartare: Preparation based on goat cheese, garlic, lemon chives, served with endives, candied tomatoes, and toast€9.50

Caillette du Dauphine: Served with green salad   €9.50

Ceasar salad: Salad, candied tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, crispy chicken, bacon bits, croutons, parmesan shavings, Caesar sauce€15.50

Asian Salad : Salad, candied tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, shrimps, red onions, cashew nuts, sesame seeds, Chinese cabbage, dressing made with sesame oil and soy sauce €16.50


Vercors salad: Salad, candied tomatoes, bruschetta with Vercors blue cheese, walnuts, raw ham€17.50


Charcuterie Board€16.50

Homemade Duck Foie Gras:Served with onion jam and country toast €17.50

The pizzas

(All our pizzas are made with tomato sauce and mozzarella)


Roman: Ham €10.00


Queen: Ham, fresh mushrooms€11.00

Dynamite: Chorizo, fresh mushrooms€12.00


royal: Ham, fresh mushrooms, egg€13.00


Villardian: Ham, potatoes, raclette€13.00


Neapolitan: Anchovies, capers, candied tomatoes, garlic, egg€13.00


Shepherdess: Goat cheese, raw ham€14.00


Four Seasons: Peppers, mushrooms, aubergines, artichokes€14.00


Four Cheeses: Bleu du Vercors, reblochon cheese, goat cheese€15.00


Mexican: Ground meat, onions, peppers, Mexican spices€15.00


Exotic: Pineapple, goat cheese, fresh mushrooms, ham€15.00


buffalo: Minced meat, mushrooms, peppers, onions, candied tomatoes€15.00


pullet: Chicken, bacon, Vercors blue cheese, onions, egg€15.00


Chef's Pizza: Goat cheese, pine nuts, raw ham, candied tomatoes, parmesan shavings, basil, arugula€15.50


Northerner: Smoked salmon, fresh cream, lemon€16.00



(All our white pizzas are made with fresh cream and mozzarella)


Alsatian: Bacon, onions€11.00


Ranch: Goat cheese, pine nuts, Acacia honey€12.50


Regional: Ham, Vercors blue cheese, fresh mushrooms€15.00


Dauphinoise: Ravioli, St Marcellin cheese, minced meat, candied tomatoes€15.50


Savoyard: Potatoes, bacon,reblochon cheese, onions€15.50

Our Burgers

Our burgers come with

fries and salad


Hamburger: grilled bacon, burger sauce, butcher-style ground beef, tomato, salad€14.50


Vercors burger: grilled bacon, burger sauce, butcher-style ground beef, Vercors blue cheese, tomato, salad  €16.50


Villardian Burger: grilled bacon, burger sauce, butcher-style ground beef, raclette, tomato, salad€16.50


Gallic Burger: grilled bacon, burger sauce, breaded chicken, Saint Marcellin, tomato, salad €16.50


Cheddar Burger: Grilled bacon, burger sauce, beef patty, cheddar, fried onions, tomato,



Veggie Burger: Vegetable patty, burger sauce, Saint Marcellin, peppers, tomato, salad€16.50




The dishes


Ravioli gratin withVercors blue€16.50


Ravioli gratin withcrayfish€17.50


Ravioli gratin withporcini mushrooms€17.50


Italian Beef Tartare (200 gr): pine nuts, parmesan, olive oil, lemon, basil, shallots, fries and salad€19.50


Italian Beef Tartar XL (300 gr) : pine nuts, parmesan, olive oil, lemon, basil, shallots, fries and salad €24.50


Grilled butcher's pieceserved with fries,



Blue sauce fromVercors€2.00

Sauce withporcini mushrooms€3.50


Honey & rosemary duck breast skewerand its accompaniments€23.50


Half-cooked tuna a la planchaand its accompaniments€23.50


Salmon trout fillet with pestoand its accompaniments€19.50

Ranch plate : Homemade duck foie gras, country toast, Vercors blue cheese toast, smoked salmon, Cévennes tartare, endives, charcuterie, Dauphiné caillette, green salad, hard-boiled egg, candied tomatoes  €25.50

Plate of the Skier: Leg of duck confit, assorted charcuterie, ravioli gratin with porcini mushrooms, vegetables and salad 25,50 €

Les burgers
Les pizzas

Mountain Specialties
(All our Mountain specialties are served with a green salad))

tartiflette Savoyarde
: Reblochon, potatoes, onions, bacon€17.50

Tartiflette Vercors: Vercors blue cheese, potatoes, onions, bacon€17.50

Tartiflette Vercors or Savoyarde Royale: Served with local charcuterie€23.50

Hot Box: Melted cheese served with local charcuterie, potatoes, salad and condiments€23.50


)Raclette : Raw milk raclette, charcuterie, potato, green salad (minimum 2 people; price per person) €24.50/person
Vercouline: Vercors blue cheese, charcuterie, potatoes, green salad (minimum 2 people; price per person) €24.50/person

Cheese fondue: Served with salad €18.50
Royal Savoyard Fondue: Served with charcuterie and salad €24.50

Kid's menu
(Up to 12 years old)11,50€
Kid's pizza (ham, cheese)
Butcher-style minced steak
Accompanied by fries
Breaded fish
Accompanied by fries
Breaded chicken breast with cornflakes
Accompanied by fries

Vegetables on request

Dessert(Cottage cheese, compote, Haribo ice cream, 1 scoop ice cream of your choice) and surprise

Formula of the Day
(Only lunchtime from Monday to Friday except public holidays)

Drinks: Soda, fruit juice, draft beer or glass of wine

Today's special
Ground beef butcher style with Vercors blue cheese sauce served with fries and salad
Grilled ham with Vercors blue cheese sauce served with fries and salad

Sweet coffee: Coffee or decaf or 1 scoop of ice cream accompanied by 2 sweets and whipped cream

Today's specialserved alone €12.50

Sweet Coffeeserved alone €4.50

The drinks

Soda: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola 0, Lipton Ice T, Oasis, Orangina (25 cl)€3.00

Juice: Orange, Pineapple, Apple, Apricot, Tomato, Strawberry (25 cl)€3.50

Sparkling water: Vals (25 cl)€2.50

Lemonade: (25cl)€2.50

diabolo: (25cl)€3.00

Water syrup: (25 cl)€2.00

ice tea: (25 cl)€3.00


Kir: Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Blackberry, Peach, Chestnut (12 cl) €3.50

Kir of the Ranch: Chestnut, Clairette de Die (12 cl)€5.50

Pastis:(3 cl) €3.50

Cooked wine: White Martini, Red Martini, Porto, Muscat, Campari (6 cl)€4.50
Americanshome : (12 cl)€6.50

Cup ofClairette de Die: (12 cl)€4.00

Clan Campbell: Whiskey (6 cl)€6.00Baby (3 cl)€3.50

jack daniels: Whole (6 cl)€7.50 Baby (3 cl)€4.00

white alcohol: Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Malibu, Soho
(6 cl)

Spritz: (25cl)€7.50

Royal Spritz: (25 cl)€9.50

Cocktail of the moment: Check with the server


Draft beer:

(25 cl)
€3.50Serious(50 cl)€6.50

Lagunitas IPA(25cl)€5.00Serious(50 cl)€8.50

Moment Pressure
(25 cl)
€4.50          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_          Sérieux(50cl)€7.50

beer bottle:
Heineken 0%

Our Regional Beers

Brewery of the Slalom Beer of the Chapel
in Vercors:

Blonde or White



Porter Lager7.00 €


Regional Digestive: Génépi, Green Chartreuse(6 cl)€6.00

The classics :
Cognac, Armagnac, Pear, Bailey,
(6 cl)
7,00 € 

Get 27, Get 31, Coq O Rico:(6 cl)€7.00

Aged Rum: Diplomatico(6 cl)€8.50Don Dad(6 cl)€9.00

Our desserts

Creme brulee €6.00

Creme bruleefrom the moment 8,00€

Creme bruleechartreuse flambé €8.00

floating island6,00€

Tiramisufrom the moment6.50€

Fresh pineappleraspberry sorbet, whipped cream €8.00

Chocolate fondantvanilla ice cream, whipped cream €8.00

Don Baba with rum(at Don Papa), vanilla ice cream,
Sweet whipped cream

Sweet coffee(or tea, infusion), 2 sweets, whipped cream€4.50

gourmet coffee(or tea, infusion), 4 sweets, whipped cream€8.00

Cappuccino or coffee latte supp €1.00

Cheeseof your choice (Bleu du Vercors or Reblochon cheese or goat cheese log or 1/2 St Marcellin cheese)€3.00

Farandole of cheeses(Assortment of local cheeses)€7.50

Faisselle with creamWherenature€5.00

Acacia honey cottage cheeseWherewith red fruit coulis €5.50

OUR ice creams

*Vanilla from Madagascar *Milk chocolate *Caramel with fleur de sel from Camargue *Genépi *Coffee with Colombian Arabica coffee *Mint with dark chocolate chips *Chartreuse *Genépi

OUR full fruit sorbet

*Lemon with pieces of lemon from Sicily *Strawberry *Pear with pieces of William pear *Pineapple *Cherry with Morello cherry *Raspberry
OUR artisanal ice creams

*Walnut *Blueberry *Hazelnut *Poppy

Cup 1 scoop
€3.50Cut 2 balls€6.003 ball cup€7.00 (with or without whipped cream)

Our ice cream cups

WhereLiège chocolate:2 scoops of coffee or 2 scoops of chocolate, coffee or melted chocolate, 1 scoop of vanilla, whipped cream€8.00
White Lady: 3 scoops of vanilla, melted chocolate, whipped cream€8.00
Intense Caramel: 2 fleur de sel caramel scoops, 1 vanilla scoop, caramel sauce, whipped cream€8.00
Our sundaes with alcohol
Colonel: 3 scoops lemon, Vodka, lemon €9.50
Mountain take-off:3 scoops Chartreuse, green Chartreuse, whipped cream €9.50
After Eight: 3 mint scoops, Get 27, whipped cream €9.50
Regional take off: 3 scoops Génépi, Génépi,

Sweet whipped cream€9.50


Red Merlot, Rosé Cinsault, White Chardonnay



Domaine Mayoussier Blanc (VDF) Auberives en Royans

Domaine Mayousssier Rosé (VDF) Auberives en Royans

Domaine Mayousssier Rouge (VDF) Auberives en Royans
(12cl)€4.50(50cl)€18.00(75cl)26,00 €

Châtillon en Diois Gamay Aged in AOC red oak barrels


Viognier Badet Clement Les Jamelles IGP


Domaine d'Hondrat Languedoc Her & Him AOP
(75cl)26,00 €

Saint Joseph Nobles Rives Cave de Tain AOP

Chablis La Chablisienne PDO

Côtes de Gascogne Sweet XVIII Saint Luc (IGP)
(12cl)€4.50(50cl)€17.00 (75cl)€24.00


Domaine Mayousssier Rosé (VDF) Auberives en Royans


Domaine d'Hondrat Languedoc Premium

Puech Haut Argali wine from the Pays d'Oc

Côtes de Provence M Minuty PDO


Tarani Vin de Pays from Tolosan County (light and fruity)


Châtillon en Diois Gamay Aged in AOC oak barrels

Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil Les Javeaux Loire AOP

Coteaux du Languedoc Château l'Hospitalet La Clape AOP

Puech Haut Prestige Languedoc PDO

Gigondas Domaine Carobelle PDO

Crozes-Hermitage Les Hauts du Fief Parcel Selection AOP

Saint Joseph Guigal Côtes du Rhône AOP
(12cl)€6.50(50cl)26,00 €(75cl)€37.00

Côte-Rôtie Domaine Garon AOP

Burgundy Auxey-Duresses Old Vines M.Moine AOP

Gevrey-Chambertin Bouchard Father & Son

Pommard Bouchard Father & Son


Clairette de Die Cuvee Titus

(12 cl)€4.50(75cl)€19.50

Louis Constant Champagne
(10 cl)€7.50(75cl)€49.00

Mumm Champagne

In order to offer you a greater selection of our wines in 50 cl, these wines are served in carafes,
from the 75 cl bottle of the chosen wine.

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