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our takeaway meals 


The prices displayed correspond to pizzas of 30 cm in diameter, count an additional €2.50 for pizzas of 40 cm.


(all our pizzas are made with tomato sauce and mozzarella)

Roman: Ham€7.50

Queen: Ham, fresh mushrooms€9.00

Dynamite: Chorizo, fresh mushrooms €9.00

royal: Ham, fresh mushrooms, egg€10.00

Villardian: Ham, potatoes, raclette€10.00

Neapolitan: Anchovies, capers, candied tomatoes, garlic,


Shepherdess: Goat cheese, raw ham€11.00

Four Seasons: Peppers, mushrooms, aubergines, artichokes€11.50

Four Cheeses: Vercors blue cheese, reblochon,

goat11.50 €

Mexican: Ground meat, onions, peppers, Mexican spices11.50 €

Exotic: Pineapple, goat cheese, fresh mushrooms,


buffalo: Minced meat, mushrooms, peppers, onions, candied tomatoes€12.00

pullet: Chicken, bacon, Vercors blue cheese, onions,

egg12.50 €

Chef's Pizza: Goat cheese, pine nuts, raw ham, candied tomatoes, parmesan, basil, arugula€13.00

Northerner: Smoked salmon, fresh cream, lemon€13.50


THE WHITES: (all our white pizzas are made with fresh cream and mozzarella)

Alsatian:  Bacon, onions€9.00

Ranch: Goat cheese, pine nuts,

Acacia honey€9.00

Regional: Ham, Vercors blue cheese,

fresh mushrooms€12.50

Dauphinoise: Ravioli, St Marcellin cheese, minced meat, candied tomatoes€12.50

Savoyard: Potatoes, bacon, reblochon cheese,



All our burgers come with a choice of fries or salad

Hamburger: grilled bacon, burger sauce, butcher-style ground beef, tomato, salad€12.00

Vercors burger: grilled bacon, burger sauce, butcher-style ground beef, Vercors blue cheese, tomato, salad€13.00

Villardian Burger: grilled bacon, burger sauce, butcher-style ground beef, raclette, tomato, salad€13.00

Gallic Burger: grilled bacon, burger sauce, breaded chicken, Saint Marcellin cheese, tomato, salad€13.00

Cheddar Burger: Grilled bacon, burger sauce, beef patty, cheddar, fried onions, tomato, salad€13.00


Veggie Burger: Vegetable patty, burger sauce, Saint Marcellin, peppers, tomato, salad€13.00

& inputs 

Ceasar salad: Salad, candied tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, crispy chicken, bacon bits, croutons, parmesan shavings, Caesar sauce€11.00

Asian Salad: Salad, candied tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, shrimps, red onions, cashew nuts, sesame seeds, Chinese cabbage, vinaigrette with sesame oil and soy sauce €11.00


Gratin of Ravioles with Bleu du Vercors cheese €12.00

Ravioli gratin with  crayfish€13.00

Ravioli gratin with porcini mushrooms


tartiflette Savoyarde: Reblochon cheese, potatoes, onions,

bacon bits€13.00

Tartiflette Vercors: Bleu du Vercors, potatoes, onions, bacon€13.00

Chicken strip: Breaded with corn flakes accompanied by fries€7.50


Cans (33cl):

  • Coca Cola €2.50

  • Ice Tea €2.50

  • Oasis€2.50

  • Heineken€3.00

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